Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education

Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education (CoESME)

Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education (CoESME) at IISER Pune was set up in Ocrober 2015 under the ambit of Ministry of Education (then MHRD)'s Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT), with the objective of capacity building of science and mathematics teachers at all levels.

Vision and Mission

CoESME aims to strengthen science education in India by engaging with various stakeholders, in particular teachers of school & undergraduate level. Our focus is pedagogy for inquiry- and concept-based learning concept, with emphasis on pedagogical innovation by and for teachers. The Centre's objective is to impart pedagogy training to teachers and promote hands on science education among teachers and students from schools, colleges, universities and research institutes. We also create innovative educational resources for inquiry-based teaching-learning in the classroom.CoESME aspires to be a platform for teachers at all levels to come together to build professional networks for sharing ideas, challenges and customised solutions for Indian education.


To better tap and leverage available resources and expertise in the field, CoESME has followed the policy of collaborating with various organisations and funding agencies. We have implemented projects in collaboration with several government (RMSA, DBT, DST) as well as non-government (Newton-Bhabha Fund [British Council], ISEF, Vigyan Ashram, etc.) bodies.
In each case, we try to find the best pedagogical practices and disseminate them to the largest audience.


Beneficiaries of Pedagogy Training conducted by CoESME, IISER Pune

 up to March 2020
Activities Participants
Workshops, Hands-on Sessions and Seminars for School Teachers 9,439
Workshops and Training Programmes for Undergraduate Teachers 3,321
Total 12,760

Beneficiaries of Online Pedagogy Training conducted by CoESME, IISER Pune

April-July 2020 
Activities Participants
One-week Online Workshop for College Teachers on Research Based Pedagogical Tools 120 
Two Half-days Online Workshop on Introduction to Assessments and Assessment Tools 103
Total 223

Educational Resources generated by CoESME, IISER Pune

upto July 2020
Under and Post-graduate Level Number
Resource Packages for Using Research-based Pedagogical Tools in the College Classroom 10
School Level  
Low-cost, Hands-on Science Toys at the Science Activity Centre
Videos on Using various Teaching Resources 191
Sequential Photographs of Hands-on Activities 165
Total 576

Other Activities of CoESME, IISER Pune

up to October 2019
Activities Participants
Training programmes for scientists, policy makers, educators etc. on science communication, management, policy related to various educational and R&D schemes 689
Science Camps for Students 1,336
Hands-on Science Activities, Demonstrations at the Science Activity Centre ~20,000
Visitors to Science Exhibitions organised by Science Activity Centre ~20,494