View of the lobby of IISER Pune Main Building with silhouettes of people

Why Support IISER Pune

Institutes like IISER Pune will propel India to become an economic and intellectual power at the global level. We are just 15 years old but in such a short span we have truly made a mark in scientific research and teaching.  While IISER Pune has been funded generously by the government for its core activities, financial support from individuals and foundations, as well as from industry will make the cutting-edge research initiatives at IISER Pune competitive with those at international research universities.

The Impact of the Support

The support we seek from individuals, foundations and corporates will greatly benefit our research programmes and laboratories. The scholarships and fellowships for our brilliant young students will help them in their scientific pursuit. The funding reinforcement can also lead to the establishment of new areas of specialisation within the Institute.  Expansion of our science outreach activities will consequently lead to the development of a scientific culture in the country. 

IISER Pune - Industry Collaboration

IISER Pune values collaborations with Industry partners. We work to bring together industry leaders, professionals, and academics who have a shared interest in scientific research and development. 

Our partnerships with industries / corporates involve one or more of the following goals.

  • Collaborative research projects
  • Student internships and placement
  • Specialised technical services
  • Contract research and consultancies
  • Externally funded PhD programme
  • Corporate-supported outreach activities

Our industry partners also find great value in working together, the opportunity to network and to learn from one another, and the chance to explore ideas.

A group of photos from IISER Pune representing the support from and collaboration with the industry