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Superconductivity and magnetism in van der Waals materials

Prof. Mandar Deshmukh, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai


IISER Pune Physics department invites you to a seminar hosted by Optica Student Chapter-IISER Pune Optics League


Starting with graphene, 2D materials have been of interest to electronics and optoelectronics. There is a renewed interest in topological, magnetic, and superconducting properties of 2D materials in the last few years as the systems offer unique experimental knobs. I will discuss two examples studied in our lab.

High-temperature superconductors (HTS) are essential for potential applications and for understanding the origin of strong correlations. BSCCO, a van der Waals high-temperature superconducting material (Tc of 85 K), offers a platform to probe the physics down to a unit-cell. Modifying superconductivity in HTS locally is of immense interest for superconducting electronics on a small length scale. We develop a simple route to modify superconductivity locally; this opens up avenues for new superconducting devices [1].

Antiferromagnetic materials are intensely studied in the last several years; layered antiferromagnets offer new opportunities. Spin-waves have been studied for data storage,communication, and logic circuits. We probe standing spin-waves in van der Waalsantiferromagnetic material, CrCl3 ; this is the first direct observation of standing spin-wave modes with optical and acoustic flavors in a van der Waals material [2].

I will show that this system also provides unique opportunities to study hybrid quantum systems by allowing strong magnon-magnon and magnon-photon coupling.

1. Sanat Ghosh et al. Advanced Materials 32, 2002220 (2020).
2. Lucky N. Kapoor*, Supriya Mandal*, et al. Advanced Materials 33, 2005105 (2021).


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