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International Asian Chemical Biology Initiative (ACBI) Meeting-2022


About ACBI Meeting-2022

For the first time the International Asian Chemical Biology Initiative (ACBI) Meeting-2022 will be held in India at IISER Pune and Zuri White Sands Goa between September 14-18, 2022.  

ACBI, supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), was constituted to accelerate Asian chemical biology research and promote chemical biology in emerging Asian countries. ACBI conducts conferences, workshops and training session for brightest and ambitious graduate students. These initiatives are created to foster international collaborations in the emerging area of Chemical Biology. More than 90 chemical biology professors from Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, India, UAE, New Zealand and emerging countries in Asia participate in this key international initiative.

The conference aims to enhance the scientific communication among global investigators in chemical biology and promote the development of molecular biosciences (chemical biology, medicinal and biological chemistry, structural biology, synthetic biology) and related sciences. About 100 researchers: students, academicians and industry partners working at the forefront of the field will participate in this international meeting.


International Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Motonari Uesugi, Deputy Director, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Prof. Sandeep Verma, Secretary, DST-SERB, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
  • Prof. K. N. Ganesh, Director, IISER Tirupati, India
  • Prof. Govindasamy Mugesh, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India


Prof. S. G. Srivatsan 
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pashan, Pune  411 008

Venue and Dates

IISER Pune Campus: September 14, 2022

Zuri White Sands Goa: September 15-18, 2022

Registration and participation in the meeting is by Invitation only

Invited Speakers

Prof. Motonari Uesugi, Japan

Prof. Kazuya Kikuchi, Japan

Prof. Takeaki Ozawa, Japan

Prof. Kazuo Nagasawa, Japan

Prof. Kenji Monde, Japan

Prof. Hiroki Oguri, Japan

Prof. Young-Tae Chang, South Korea

Prof. Sun Choi, South Korea

Prof. Sandeep Verma, India

Prof. K. N. Ganesh, India

Prof. Govindasamy Mugesh, India

Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra, India

Prof. Ruchi Anand, India

Prof. Surajit Ghosh, India

Prof. Vishal Rai, India

Prof. Ishu Saraogi, India

Prof. T. Govindaraju, India

Prof. Pradeep Kumar, India

Prof. S. G. Srivatsan, India

Dr. D. Shanmugam, India

Prof. Britto Sandanaraj, India

Dr. Janesh Kumar, India

Prof. Siddhesh Kamat, India

Dr. Amrita Hazra, India

Dr. Niti Kumar, India

Dr. Dhiraj Bhatia, India

Prof. H. N. Gopi, India

Prof. M. Jayakannan, India

Prof. Harinath Chakrapani, India

Prof. Pinaki Talukdar, India

Prof. Srinivas Hotha, India