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Technology transfer MoU for low-cost ventilator

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The low-cost ICU ventilator developed earlier at the Physics department of IISER Pune will now be jointly taken up by Accurate Gauging & Instruments Pvt. Ltd. and IISER Pune to be built for regulatory approvals followed by production. 

Towards this, a Memorandum of Understanding for transfer of technology was signed by IISER Pune and Accurate Gauging & Instruments Pvt. Ltd. on August 4, 2020. Under the terms of this agreement, the industrial partner would now build mass-producible prototypes of the ICU ventilator developed at IISER Pune for regulatory approvals. 

Seen in the photo are (Left to Right) Dr. Sunil Nair (Associate Professor, IISER Pune), Prof. S. Sivaram (INSA Senior Scientist, IISER Pune), Mr. Ravindra Abhyankar  (Advisor to Accurate Gauging & Instruments Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Vikram Salunkhe (MD, Accurate Gauging & Instruments Pvt. Ltd.), Dr. Umakant Rapol (Associate Professor, IISER Pune), Prof. Tarun Souradeep (Chair, Physics, IISER Pune), and Prof. Sanjeev Galande (Dean, R&D, IISER Pune).

The ICU ventilator was developed by Dr. Umakant Rapol and Dr. Sunil Nair, IISER Pune alumni Mr. M. Sainath (University of Waterloo) and Dr. Md. Noaman (University of South Denmark) along with Mr. Nilesh Dumbre (Technical Officer, Physics). See here a previous news report pertaining to the ventilator.