Students at IISER Pune

Students at IISER Pune are admitted through rigorous examinations, namely IIT-JEE, KVPY, and IISER Aptitude Test.

Skills acquired by our Students 

  • The unique feature of our education is that our students get to do real-time research and hence they get to learn how to persevere and how to think. 
  • The student from IISER Pune, on graduation, is a student who is mature in outlook, who can think independently.
  • Skillsets possessed by IISER Pune students in their respective disciplines

Impactful Projects

Scientific projects undertaken are sponsored by the Government of India and other national and international funding bodies, for their relevance in improving our understanding of the natural world and the potential impact the work can have on the society

Interdisciplinary Programme 

The academic programmes are structured to inculcate an inter-disciplinary and dynamic outlook, a crucial feature of cutting-edge research in Science 

State-of-the-art Facilities

As a premier science research institute and an institute of national importance, IISER Pune is equipped to carry out academic and research activities of international standards


Students are mentored by facutly members who are practicing researchers themseleves and whose research contributions are globally recognised by the scientific community 

Research Intensive Training 

Students are trained to tackle new research problems after being equipped with a strong ground of fundamentals and relevant lab expertise 


Bilateral research ties and exchange programmes with world-class research and educational institutes encourage students to be cognizant of the upcoming research challenges of scientists and technologists