Science Activity Centre makes Hands-on Science Toys

Audio-visual Resources

One of the major activities of the SAC is to generate educational resource material for teachers, students and science enthusiasts that explains scientific concepts through do-it-yourself (DIY) hands-on activities. This resource creation includes making new science toys and models, as well as documenting them in the form of videos, photographs, animations, etc. Our YouTube channel features videos demonstrating activities  based on a wide range of school-level science and mathematics topics. Lectures and presentations by senior teachers are also made available to the public on the channel.

Digital Repository of Activities

The Digital Repository is an archive of SAC's educational resources such as videos, sequential photographs and small booklets. The resources contain step-wise procedure for making the toys and conducting the activities, along with explanation of the scientific principle behind them. This digital repository has sections for various disciplines of sciences that are generally covered in primary and secondary school curriculum. This repository will be useful for teachers who want to make these models for their classroom teaching and for students and science enthusiasts who want to explore scientific concepts by performing small experiments.

SAC has made a digital repository of hands-on science activities

Activity Based Lesson Plans

With inputs from teachers who have participated in our programmes, the SAC has created a repository of activity-based lesson plans for teaching various science and mathematics topics from the school curriculum. The lesson plans include a statement of learning obejctives, followed by pointers on how the topic could be presented to students through various activities. A detailed description of each activity supported by photographs is also given, along with questions for further exploration and tips for making the lesson more engaging.

Find here a link to our compilation of text lesson plans. These were prepared though the Tata Technologies "STEP for STEM" project and we currently have them in English and in Marathi.

SAC generates resources like activity-based lesson plans

Video Resources for Teachers

In a unique initiative, the SAC has created video resources for teachers, which present activity-based lesson plans on various topics in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. Presented largely by the teachers themselves, these videos describe hands-on and interactive ways of teaching the topic through fun activities and models. The teachers also share their experiences of using this approach in their classroom and give details of how to conduct the activities.

Video Lesson Plans