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Srinivasa Ramanujan Library holds 30000 print books in its collection which includes text books, reference books and reference sources like encyclopedias and dictionaries. All the print books can be searched through Library catalogue for knowing the availability, number of copies, status and reservation of the required book. Library catalogue can also be used for knowing New Additions of Books to the library.

Print books are being procured based on the recommendations of the faculty members. Students and research scholars can recommend books only through faculty members. Duly filled in Book Recommendation Form can be mailed to  for recommending books for the library.

Library follows Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) System for classification of books and organizing the collection on the shelves. Major class numbers used for classification of documents are displayed in the stack area of the library.

Circulation system of the library is completely automated with RFID based technology, biometric enabled user authentication, self check-out kiosk and system generated reminders. For circulation of documents 'Self Service Kiosk' is installed in the library which enables users to check-out, check-in and renew books by themselves. Kiosk is operational from 9 am to 11 pm on all days including holidays. For each transaction, Kiosk generates the receipt with details of documents transacted and due dates. To make use of automated Kiosk service, users need to get their fingerprint recorded once at the Reference Desk during the office working hours. Please note that Kiosk will not allow users to get books issued if their library account quota is already full. It will also not allow for renewal of overdue books and books having reservations. Security Sensor Gates are installed at the exit which sounds buzzer on passing of un-borrowed books. Premises covering Kiosk and Sensor Gates are being continuously monitored with CC camera for security reasons.