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India Alliance Senior Fellowship to Dr. Nixon Abraham

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Dr. Nixon M. Abraham from the Biology Department at IISER Pune has been awarded the Senior Fellowship for Basic Biomedical Research by the DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance.  

Dr. Nixon M. Abraham
Dr. Nixon M. Abraham

DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance (India Alliance) is an independent, dynamic public charity that funds research in health and biomedical sciences in India. 

Dr. Nixon Abraham's group works on identifying neuronal circuits that give rise to olfactory specific behaviours. India Alliance's Senior Fellowship awarded to Dr. Abraham will support the group's research on how breathing behaviour is modulated for different smells, such as for a strong vs mild-smelling perfume. 

The group plans to address these questions using mouse model system, as rodent olfactory sensory neurons can detect both chemical and mechanical information. "Addressing these questions would help creating animal models to study brain disorders with smell dysfunctions", said Dr. Abraham. 

Visit the group website here for more information on their research.

We congratulate Dr. Nixon M. Abraham on receiving this prestigious fellowship and wish him the best in his research endeavours!