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Aurnab Ghose read Biology and Chemistry at Presidency College, Calcutta, India followed by a Masters from the University of Leicester, UK. His PhD research was conducted at The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, UK. Following postdoctoral research at the Dept. of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School, USA, he joined the faculty of IISER Pune where his group studies the development and function of neural circuits.


Development and functional plasticity of neural circuits

Prof. Aurnab Ghose's group employs quantitative cell biology, biophysical measurements, activity imaging and behavioural analysis to explore two aspects of the nervous system.

Theme 1: The ontogeny and homoeostasis of neural circuits, with emphasis on cytoskeleton remodelling and cellular biomechanics

Theme 2: Functional modulation of neural circuits by neuropeptides and integration of internal states with behavioural outputs

Selected Publications

Kaniganti, T.*, Deogade. A.*, Maduskar, A., Mukherjee, A., Guru, A., Subhedar, N. and Ghose, A. (2021) Sensitivity of Olfactory Sensory Neurons to food cues is tuned to nutritional states by Neuropeptide Y signalling. J Neurochem, doi: 10.1111/jnc.15488 (also bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/573170) * equal contribution

Nagar, D., James, T.K., Mishra, R., Guha, S. and Ghose, A. (2021) The formin Fmn2b is required for the development of an excitatory interneuron module in the zebrafish acoustic startle circuit. eNeuro, 8(4), doi: 10.1523/ENEURO.0329-20.2021 (also bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/2020.07.23.218032)

Kundu, T.*, Dutta, P.*, Nagar, D., Maiti, S., Ghose, A. (2021) Coupling of dynamic microtubules to F-actin by Fmn2 regulates chemotaxis of neuronal growth cones. J Cell Sci, 134(13), doi: 10.1242/jcs.252916 (also bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/2020.01.18.911131) * equal contribution

Dubey, S., Bhembre, N., Bodas, S., Veer, S., Ghose, A., Callan-Jones, A. and Pullarkat, P.A. (2020) The axonal actin-spectrin skeleton acts as a tension buffering shock absorber. eLife, 9:e51772, doi: 10.7554/eLife.51772 (also bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/510560)

Mutalik, S.P., Joseph, J., Pullarkat, P.A. and Ghose, A. (2018) Cytoskeletal mechanisms of axonal contractility. Biophys J, 115(4), 713-724. (also bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/227777)

Rale, A., Shendye, N., Bodas, D.S., Subhedar, N. and Ghose, A. (2017) CART neuropeptide modulates the extended amygdalar CeA-vBNST circuit to gate expression of innate fear. Psychoneuroendocrinol, 85, 69-77. (also bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/096610)

Sahasrabudhe, A., Ghate, K., Mutalik, S., Jacob, A. and Ghose, A. (2016) Formin-2 regulates stabilization of filopodial tip adhesions in growth cones and affects neuronal outgrowth and pathfinding in vivo. Development, 143, 449-460.