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Chaitanya Athale



Self-organization and cell morphogenesis



Chaitanya Athale did his PhD in Biology from University of Heidelberg in 2003, and carried out postdoctoral work in HST, Boston and EMBL Heidelberg, before joining IISER Pune in 2009.


Cytoskeleton and Cell Shape Lab (CyCels)

Prof. Chaitanya Athale's group combines microtubule (MT) cytoskeleton and moecular motors in computational simulations and in vitro reconstitution, to study collective effects that drive cell shape and division.

Selected Publications

Khetan N, Pruliere G, Hebras C, Chenevert J, Chaitanya A. Athale (2021) Self-organized optimal packing of kinesin-5-driven microtubule asters scales with cell size. J Cell Sci. 134(10):jcs257543.

Kunalika Jain, Shivani A. Yadav and Chaitanya A. Athale (2021) Number dependence of microtubule collective transport by kinesin and dynein. J. Indian Inst. Sci. Link

Kunalika Jain*, Neha Khetan*, Shivani A. Yadav, Saravanan Palani, Chaitanya A. Athale (2021) Collective dynein transport of the nucleus by pulling on astral MTs during Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast. (* joint first authors) Link

Anushree R. Chaphalkar*, Yash K. Jawale*, Dhruv Khatri, Chaitanya A. Athale (2021) Quantifying intracellular particle flows by DIC Object Tracking. Biophysical Journal 120, Issue 3, 2 February 2021, Pages 393-401 Link

Khetan N and Athale C.A. (2020) Aster swarming by symmetry breaking of cortical dynein transport and coupling kinesins. Soft Matter 2020,16, 8554-8564