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Pranay Goel

Associate Professor


Mathematical biology: physiology and type 2 diabetes. Data science and predictive modeling for healthcare and precision (personalized) medicine



Pranay Goel obtained his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in 2003. He was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI), The Ohio State University from 2003-6 and a Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Biological Modeling, NIDDK, NIH between 2006-8. He has been a faculty member at IISER Pune since 2009.


Mathematical biology; data science in healthcare and medicine

Dr. Pranay Goel is interested in studying biological systems using mathematical (analytical, computational and algorithmic) approaches. His main focus areas are mathematical physiology and type 2 diabetes. He is also interested in data science, and predictive modeling for healthcare and precision (personalized) medicine.

Selected Publications

Pranay Goel, Durga Parkhi, Amlan Barua, Mita Shah, Saroj Ghaskadbi, A minimal model approach for analyzing continuous glucose monitoring in type 2 diabetes, Frontiers in Physiology, (2018), 9:673, doi: 10.3389/fphys.2018.00673.

Pranay Goel, Insulin resistance or hypersecretion? The βIG picture revisited, Journal of Theoretical Biology, (2015), 384, 131-134.

Rashmi Kulkarni, Jhankar Acharya, Saroj Ghaskadbi and Pranay Goel, Thresholds of oxidative stress in newly diagnosed diabetic patients on intensive glucose-control therapy, PLoS ONE, (2014), 9(6):e100897.

Pranay Goel and Arthur Sherman, The Geometry of Bursting in the Dual Oscillator Model of Pancreatic beta-cells, SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems (SIADS), (2009), 8(4), 1664-1693

P. Goel and B. Ermentrout, Synchrony, stability, and firing patterns in pulse-coupled oscillators, Physica D, (2002), 163(3-4), 191-216.