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Bejoy K. Thomas

Associate Professor and Associate Dean (Academics, Graduate Studies)

Humanities and Social Sciences

Water resources (agrarian and peri-urban); Adaptation; Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 6 and 13; Multidimensional poverty


Bejoy Thomas joined IISER Pune in 2019 as an Associate Professor. Prior to that he was a Fellow at ATREE, Bangalore (2008-2019). Originally trained in Economics, he received a PhD in Development Studies (2009) from Tilburg University, The Netherlands. He has held visiting positions in University of Waterloo, Canada (2016) and The University of British Columbia, Canada (2017). He is also part of the Centre for Water Research at IISER Pune.


Water management

Bejoy looks at water management in an integrated manner taking a river basin perspective. His research on water is interdisciplinary and collaborative with inputs from social sciences, engineering and environmental studies. Bejoy is specifically interested in the questions of adaptation, water access and use in agricultural and domestic sectors. He uses empirical insights to understand the normative implications, such as justice (both ecological and social), equity and fairness.


Environmental sustainability and development

Bejoy is interested in the larger question of how to reconcile the conflicting objectives of development (broadly defined as human well-being) and sustainability (maintaining natural resources across generations). Households might not be water-poor, but water supply might come from unsustainable means, such as over extracting groundwater. Climate action and development goals involve trade-offs and unintended effects. Bejoy looks at such incompatibilities using empirical research.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Thomas, B.K., S. Bhar & S. Chakravarty, 2021, ‘Imagining Sustainability Beyond COVID-19 in India’, Ecology, Economy and Society, 4(1): 13-20

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Patil, V. S, B.K.Thomas, S. Lele, M. Eswar & V. Srinivasan, 2019, 'Adapting or Chasing Water? Crop Choice and Farmers' Responses to Water Stress in Peri Urban Bangalore, India', Irrigation and Drainage, 68(2): 140-151

Lele, S., V. Srinivasan, B.K. Thomas & P. Jamwal, 2018, 'Adapting to Climate Change in Rapidly Urbanizing River Basins: Insights from a Multiple Concerns, Multiple Stressors, and Multi Level Approach', Water International, 43(2): 281-304

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Popular articles

Singh, A., J. M. Monteiro & B.K. Thomas, 2021, ‘Long term rainfall patterns and flooding in Pune city’, Mongabay India, July 9.