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Humanities and Social Sciences

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Chaitra Redkar

Associate Professor, Dy. Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences, Associate Dean (Student and Campus Activities)

Humanities and Social Sciences

Political Ideas in Modern India, Gandhian Studies, Gender Studies, Indian Politics


Chaitra Redkar joined IISER Pune in 2020 as an Associate Professor. Prior to that she worked at SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai (1998-2020). She received her training in Political Science and her research degrees, M.Phil. and Ph.D. from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Chaitra has worked closely with the textbook development projects and in curriculum design in Political Science. Chaitra is a bilingual academic and advocates academic writing in native languages. 


Modern Indian Political Thought 

  1. Gandhism after Gandhi
    Chaitra is engaged in studying the Gandhian discourse as it evolved after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. The study is thematic as well as person-centric. The themes include democracy, food and sexuality; while the Gandhian personalities included in her study at present are Dhiren Majumdar, Vinoba Bhave, Dada Dharmadhikari and Prema Kantak.
  2. Rationalist Discourse in Modern Maharashtra
    Chaitra is analysing the philosophical discourse in the nineteenth and twentieth century Maharashtra as it evolved around the idea of reason and rationality. Her study at present focuses Jotirao Phule, G G Agarkar, V D Savarkar, B R Ambedkar and Narhar Kurundkar. 

Indian Politics

Women and Politics in Maharashtra
Chaitra is  studying women’s participation in the domain of non-party politics as well and in party politics as an attempt to engender democratic politics in Maharashtra.

Selected Publications

Redkar, Chaitra (2021). “Itihasa vishayicha Subaltern Dristhtikon” in Vangmayetihasache Punarlekhan Ed by Naik, S & Shinde, R. Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, 185-205 ISBN 978-93- 89467-17-8 

Redkar, Chaitra (2020) “Efficacy of Satyagraha for Religious Reforms: Case of Pandharpur Temple-entry Satyagraha” in Indian Modernity: Challenges and Responses Ed. by Wamburkar, J. The Unique Foundation, Pune. Pp. 306-319, ISBN 978-81-945328-1-1 

Redkar, Chaitra (2020). Sane Guruji: Vyakti ani Vichar. Sadhana, Pune. ISBN 978-93-86273-78-9 [Third Edition]

Redkar, Chaitra (2019) ‘Prastavana’ – Sane Guruji. Shyamchi Patre. Sadhana, Pune. Pp. 9-26. ISBN 978-93-86273-59-8 

Redkar, Chaitra. (2019) Gandhian Engagement with Capital: Perspectives of J. C. Kumarappa. SAGE, New Delhi ISBN: 978-93-532-8228-8 

Popular Publications

“Satyottar Jagatil Satyacha Shodh” The Wire Marathi, 9, 10, 11 May 2020 [Searching for Truth in the Era of Post-Truth – Serialized in three parts]

“Sane Guruji Kharech itake Mahatvache Ahet ka?” The Wire Marathi, 9 August 2020 [Relevance of Sane Guruj’s location for our times]