Equipment with multiple small components and showing light path


The Chemistry Department at IISER Pune is equipped with advanced instrumentation facilities for research in chemical sciences.

  • Cyclic Voltameter
    Cyclic Voltameter
  • HPLC-2
  • Differtial Scanning Calorimeter
    Differtial Scanning Calorimeter
  • Flourescence Spectrophotometer with TCSPC
    Flourescence Spectrophotometer with TCSPC
  • Four Probe Conductivity Meter
    Four Probe Conductivity Meter
  • FT-IR Spectrophotometer
    FT-IR Spectrophotometer
  • ITC Microcalorimeter
    ITC Microcalorimeter
  • Nd-YAG Laser
    Nd-YAG Laser
  • Gas Chromatograpy -MS
    Gas Chromatograpy -MS
  • MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
    MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
  • Peptide Synthesizer
    Peptide Synthesizer
  • Picosecond Life Time Measurements
    Picosecond Life Time Measurements
  • Polarizing Light Microscope
    Polarizing Light Microscope
  • Thermogravimetric Analyzer
    Thermogravimetric Analyzer
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
    UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Automatic Viscometer
    Automatic Viscometer
  • HPLC -1
    HPLC -1