Illustration representing various activities of the Science Media Centre

Equipped with state of the art media devices and a team of skilled science communication personnel, we offer a range of services and facilities for entities within and outside IISER Pune. These include Photography, Videography, Scientific Illustrations, as well as Scientific Content Writing. You can also avail of our well-equipped studio and editing facilities.

Media and Content Production Services


We offer to provide high-quality photographs related to your research. Our team members will visit your laboratory or work place and capture scientific objects, experiments, and processes or moments as per your request.

  • Research lab activities
  • Researcher portraits
  • Research group photos
  • Instruments and facilities
  • Scientific events


Our skilled crew ensures that every aspect of your scientific event is captured. 

  • Documentation of scientific experiments and activities
  • Full coverage of scientific events
  • Creating stories out of research published in reputed scientific journals

Scientific Illustration

We have experienced researchers and trained illustrators, who will listen to your research story and make scientifically accurate and beautiful illustrations to match it. We provide both two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings as per your need.

  • Manuscript figures
  • Graphical abstracts
  • Journal covers
  • Other drawings related to research

Scientific Content Writing

Our specialized science communicators help researchers to communicate their science in constructive and original ways. They convey complex scientific parlance in easy-to-follow language to best represent your scientific findings and proposals.

  • ‚ÄčEditing of research proposals and articles
  • Building-up a structure for science write-ups
  • Writing of blog posts and popular articles about your research

Infrastructural Facilities

We have a well-equipped set-up which is available to external users for a charge.


The recording studio has highly soundproof walls and a green screen, with lighting set up. A wide range of activities from NPTEL courses, interviews, research talks to science activities are recorded here. 

Production Room

We can call this the 3rd eye of the SMC! Here, we have a Newtek TriCaster live mixer system which operates with multiple cameras in real time. This system is highly efficient and user-friendly where live editing is possible.

Post Production Lab  

This is probably the liveliest space at SMC, and the second home for all its members. It is the origin of all our imaginations, creations and ambitions. Here, we learn, we teach and we share information. The lab accommodates a total of 10 editing suites where our members bring their imaginations to life.

This hub of science communication is open 24x7 to all fraternity of IISER Pune. 


Request Forms 

Three different service request forms are available for availing the services of Science Media Centre. This is as per the Institute Office Memorandum.

For events undertaken for sponsored projects

This form invites requests for services for events organized as a part of research/ outreach projects undertaken by Faculty/ staff members at IISER Pune, through research and outreach projects.

For events undertaken by other organizations
This form invites requests for services from 

  • Independent Science / Technology organizations outside IISER Pune 
  • Independent Science / Technology organizations within IISER Pune
  • Other Science/ Technology institutions 
  • Events / Seminars / Symposia for which external funding is available


For the students of IISER Pune

Through this form, IISER Pune students, who have either done a workshop at SMC or have experience in handling videography equipment, can place a request for equipments for covering cultural, sports and events of the student-run clubs at IISER Pune. 

Please note that for all the 3 forms, services can be booked for one day only. If your event is for more than 1 day, then, separate forms have to be filled out for each day. The from and to date would be same for each form.  

For illustration services, we request you to give a prior intimation and sufficient time to complete the illustration.

For long term services kindly send an email to