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In line with the institute's vision, IISER Pune believes in active participation of all stakeholders. The Deans play important roles in formulating and implementing institute policies, and ensure smooth functioning of their respective domains.
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Dean, Research and Development

Prof. Anjan Banerjee

Prof. Banerjee is an accomplished plant molecular biologist with many accolades to his credit. He is a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru and National Academy of Sciences, Prayagraj. He is also a recipient of the prestigious TATA Innovation Fellowship, Dept. of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India.

As Dean, Research and Development, Prof. Banerjee plays a role in strategic planning of future directions of the institute. His inputs are important in establishing new focus areas of research, exploring fund raising and endowment opportunities, developing central research facilities, interfacing with industry and supporting international academic partnerships.

Prof. Banerjee's research primarily focusses on plant developmental biology and applied plant biotechnology. His group studies long distance macromolecular (mobile RNA) signaling in plants. Click here to know more about his research.

Dean, Academics

Girish Ratnaparkhi's photo

Prof. Girish Ratnaparkhi

Prof. Girish Ratnaparkhi is a developmental biologist who studies cellular signaling in health and disease. 

In his role as Dean, Academics, Prof. Ratnaparkhi looks after all academic programmes of IISER Pune, including the flagship BS-MS programme, the PhD programme and the Integrated PhD programme. He is involved in coordination of admissions as well as exams, curriculum design and implementation, and provision of all required classroom and laboratory facilities. He is responsible for adhering to high academic standards and ensuring overall development of all students. He is assisted by four Associate Deans (two for Doctoral Studies and two for Undergraduate Studies).

Prof. Girish Ratnaparkhi's research group employs the fly model system to study how cell signaling is regulated. Click here to know more about his research.



Dean, Faculty

Prof. Pinaki Talukdar

Prof. Pinaki Talukdar is an organic chemist. Known for his work on design and synthesis of bio-functional molecules, he has won several awards including the CRSI Bronze Medal, DBT National Bioscience Award and more.

In his role as Dean, Faculty, Prof Talukdar is involved in faculty recruitments - screening and appointment of new faculty. He is responsible for expanding the research base of the institute by attracting faculty from varied disciplines and is involved in providing administrative support and mentorship to facilitate professional development of faculty members.

Prof. Talukdar's research area of interest is design of functional molecules for applications in chemistry and biology, and development of new methods of organic synthesis. Click here to know more about his research.

Dean, International Relations and Outreach

photo of Prof. M.S. Santhanam

Prof. M.S. Santhanam

Prof. M.S. Santhanam is a physicist. He has been on the editorial board of Physics Education, a journal produced by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers which is devoted to the teaching and learning of physics. 

As Dean, International Relations and Outreach he is involved in developing and implementing IISER Pune's international strategic plan, and identifying and managing strategic partnerships. His responsibilities include developing outreach goals and managing institutional and educational outreach. He also looks after alumni activities and their engagement with the institute.

Prof. Santhanam's research is in the areas of chaos and nonlinear dynamics, quantum computation and machine learning, and complex networks. Click here to know more about his research.


Dean, Student and Campus Activities

Prof. Saikrishnan Kayarat

Prof. Saikrishnan Kayarat is a molecular biologist with several accolades to his name, including the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award and the DBT National Bioscience prize.

Prof. Kayarat's work as Dean, Student and Campus Activities, involves overseeing all non-academic student activities. It includes coordinating extra-curricular pursuits of students, resolving issues related to hostel, dining, and other recreational and co-curricular facilities. His role is to create infrastructure and atmosphere that will promote balanced and all-round development of students.

Prof. Saikrishnan's research group works on understanding molecular mechanisms of action of complex enzymes, using the tools of structural biology, biochemistry and biophysics. His work has revelaed a new mechanism of double-strand DNA-break formation. Learn more about his work here.


Dean, Planning and Communications

Prof. Srinivas Hotha

Prof. Srinivas Hotha, an organic chemist, has received wide recognition for his academic achievements in the form of awards such as INSA Young Scientist Medal, CSIR Young Scientist Award, DST Swarnajanti Fellowship, and more.

As Dean, Planning and Communications, Prof. Hotha has a key role in planning and provisioning for future needs of the institute in various domains such as space management and infrastructure, technical and administrative personnel, institute peformance, campus development, etc. He is also responsible for public relations and communication policies of IISER Pune.

Prof. Hotha's research in the domain of glycochemical biology involves synthesis of new oligosachharides and building libraries of natural product-like small molecules. His group also works on gold catalysed glycosylation to make glycoconjugates. Click here to know more about his research.