Photo of a high performance cluster machine

Department of
Data Science


Research in the department spans across the theoretical and applied aspects of data science. Some specific areas of interest are data assimilation in earth sciences and dynamical systems; mathematical modeling of complex phenomena such as the monsoons; statistical algorithms to understand biological processes from high-throughput data; and machine learning for healthcare and clinical outcomes.

IISER Pune is also actively seeking to expand in the areas of artificial intelligence & machine learning, optimisation, statistical methods & theory across the disciplines of computer science, mathematics, and statistics. The department aims to develop applications of data science in three broad areas: DS for scientific discovery; DS for social good; DS for innovation and industry.

The faculty of the data science department work closely with a core group of faculty members from other departments of IISER Pune in the development of the department.

In addition, the department frequently consults members of its International Advisory Committee:

  • Prof. R. Karandikar, Chennai Mathematical Institute
  • Prof. Madhav Marathe, University of Virginia
  • Anand Deshpande, Persistent Systems
  • Dr. Mukund Sundararajan, Google
  • Prof. Hema Murthy, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

For information about faculty recruitment and for details on applying for faculty positions at IISER Pune, please visit this page.

Associated Faculty

Following faculty members, drawn from other departments at IISER Pune, have research interests in data science

  • Collins Assisi (Biology)
  • Deepak Barua (Biology)
  • Apratim Chatterji (Physics)
  • Sourabh Dube (Physics)
  • Prasenjit Ghosh (Physics)
  • Sreejith G. J. (Physics)
  • Pranay Goel (Biology)
  • Anindya Goswami (Mathematics)
  • Mukul Kabir (Physics)
  • M. S. Madhusudhan (Biology)
  • Ayan Mahalanobis (Mathematics)
  • T. S. Mahesh (Physics)
  • Soumen Maity (Mathematics)
  • Vivek Mohan Mallick (Mathematics)
  • Arnab Mukherjee (Chemistry)
  • Suhita Nadkarni (Biology)
  • Shyam S. Rai (Earth and Climate Science)
  • M. S. Santhanam (Physics)
  • Seema Sharma (Physics)
  • Anupam Kumar Singh (Mathematics)
  • Pushkar Sohoni (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Arun Thalapillil (Physics)