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Amit Hogadi

Associate Professor


Algebraic geometry


Amit Hogadi obtained his PhD from Princeton Unvieristy in 2007. He was as a postdoc and later as a regular faculty in TIFR Mumbai before joining IISER Pune in 2014.


Algebraic geometry

Dr. Amit Higadi is interested in algebraic geometry and more specifically in algebraic stacks and A^1 homotopy theory. A^1 homotopy theory is a subject developed by Morel and Voevodsky and is a framework in to do homotopy theory of algebraic varieties where the affine line plays the role of a unit interval. He is also interested in motives and algebraic K-theory.

Selected Publications

Balwe, C.; Hogadi, A.; and Sawant, A. Geometric criterion for A1 connectedness and applications to norm varieties. to appear in Journal of Algebraic Geometry (2021).

 Deshmukh, N.; Hogadi, A.; Kulkarni, G.; and Yadav, S. Gabber's presentation lemma over noetherian domains. Journal of Algebra (569) (2021), 169-179.

Hogadi A.; and Kulkarni G. Gabber's presentation lemma for finite fields. J. Reine Angew. Math. 759 (2020) 265-289.

Balwe, C.; Hogadi, A.; and Sawant, A. A1-connected components of schemes. Adv. Math. 282 (2015) 335-361.

Biswas, I.; and Hogadi, A. On the fundamental group of a variety with quotient singularities. IMRN (2015), no.5, 1421-1444.