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Satishchandra Ogale

Adjunct Faculty


Solar Energy, Energy Storage, Graphene and Functional Carbon, Oxide Electronics and Spintronics, Pattern Formation


Prof. Satishchandra Ogale obtained his PhD from University of Pune in 1980 where he served as faculty for many years. Since 1982 he has been visiting faculty/scientist at University of Southern California, University of Maryland, College Park, Bell Communications Research, USA, FOM Institute, Netherlands, University of Lyon and Rouen, France etc on a number of occasions. He has several national and international honours to his credit. He served as Scientist-G at CSIR-NCL before joining IISER Pune in 2015.


Clean Energy Harvesting and Storage, Spintronics, Oxide Electronics

Prof. Ogale's current primary area of research is Clean Energy. He is the Team Leader of the "Centre for Energy Science" at IISER Pune, which he conceptualised and helped establish in 2016 after joining IISER Pune. This Center has brought together about 20 Faculty members from Physics and Chemistry to address and solve some challenging problems in the area of clean energy through materials innovation. Prof. Ogale's own research is on energy harvesting and storage. In the domain of energy harvesting he is doing research on the new family of hybrid and halide perovskites as well as solar water splitting for hydrogen generation, and solar photocatalysis for CO2 reduction. In the field of energy storage he is working on new engineered battery anode and cathode materials for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries as well as speciality carbon forms for super capacitors. In this field his group is also working intensely with two major industries namely KPIT (Na-ion Battery) and LivGuard (Li-ion Battery). He is pursing studies on solar desalination and water purification using engineered nano materials and advanced functional materials. Separately he has continuing research interest in the fields of spintronics and oxide electronics.

Selected Publications

Biswal, M, Banerjee, A, Deo, M and Ogale, S, From Dead Leaves to high energy density super capacitors, Energy and Environmental Science, 6, 1249, 2013

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Krishnamurthy, S, Naphade, R, Mir, W. J., Gosavi, S, Chakraborty, S, Vaidhyanathan, R, Ogale, S, Molecular and Self-Trapped Excitonic Contributions to the Broadband Luminescence in Diamine-Based Low-Dimensional Hybrid Perovskite Systems, Adv. Opt. Mater. 6, 1800751, 2018