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Bijay Kumar Agarwalla

Associate Professor



Bijay Agarwalla obtained his PhD in the field of Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics, particularly in quantum transport in 2013 from National University of Singapore. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Irvine from 2013-2014 and at the University of Toronto, Canada from 2015- 2017 before joining IISER Pune in August 2017.


Non-equilibrium statistical physics, Open Quantum System, Quantum Transport

Our research is currently focused on understanding non-equilibrium properties of open quantum systems. In particular, we are interested in analysing out-of-equilibrium electronic, photonic and phononic properties by providing full statistics of relevant experimental observables namely statistics of currents (charge, energy), statistical properties of photons emitted from a quantum circuit etc. We also investigate the associated universal fluctuation relations for these observables. In addition, our interest is to understand how to manipulate these systems using quantum effects such as quantum coherence and quantum entanglement to enhance thermodynamic efficiency to convert waste heat into useful work. At present, we are also investigating a recently discovered bound for non-equilibrium systems namely the “thermodynamic uncertainty relation” in different experimentally accessible regimes.

Selected Publications

Saryal. S. and Agarwalla, B. K. 2021. Bounds on fluctuations for finite-time quantum Otto cycle, Phys. Rev. E Lett 103: L060103.

Saha. M., Agarwalla, B. K., and Venkatesh. B. Prasanna. 2021. Read-out of Quasi-periodic systems using qubits, Phys. Rev. A 103: 023330.

Pal. S., Saryal. S., Segal. D., Mahesh. T. S., and Agarwalla, B. K. 2020. Experimental study of the thermodynamic uncertainty relation, Phys. Rev. Research (Rapid Communication) 2: 022044.

Saryal. S., Friedmann. H., Segal. D., and Agarwalla, B. K. 2019. Thermodynamic uncertainty relation in thermal transport, Phys. Rev. E 100: 042101.

Agarwalla. B. K., Kulkarni. M., Segal, D. 2019. Photon Statistics of a double quantum dot micromaser: Quantum treatment. Physical Review B 100:035412.