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Mukul Kabir

Associate Professor


Electronic structure theory, 2D Materials, Functional defects, Magnetism, Superconductivity, and Catalyst design


Mukul Kabir obtained his PhD in computational condensed matter physics in 2006 from the S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata. He continued research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a postdoctoral associate during 2006 - 2011. He received the Ramanujan Fellowship and joined the Physics department in 2012.


Computational condensed matter, quantum materials, magnetism, emergent quantum phenomena

Quantum many-body interactions among electrons, orbitals, spins, and crystal lattices along with reduced dimensionality often lead to exotic quantum phenomena. We are a computational condensed matter group involved in understanding and predicting how quantum many-body interactions dictate emergent quantum phenomena, which can be exploited in disruptive technologies. We employ state-of-the-art and hierarchical first-principles quantum theories along with the model Hamiltonians in this regard. Broadly, we investigate the intricate interplay among the strong interaction, quantum fluctuation, entanglement, topology, and reduced dimensionality to understand quantum materials' electronic, magnetic, and optical properties.

Selected Publications

Singh C. K., and Kabir M., (2021). Long-range anisotropic Heisenberg ferromagnets and electrically tunable ordering, Physical Review B 103, 214411

Babar R., and Kabir M., (2019). Mechanistic insights on the phosphorene degradation, Physical Review Materials 3, 074008

Babar R., and Kabir M., (2019). Ferromagnetism in nitrogen-doped graphene, Physical Review B 99, 115442

Arra S., Babar R., and Kabir M., (2019). Exciton in phosphorene: Strain, impurity, thickness, and heterostructure, Physical Review B 99, 045432

Babar R. and Kabir M., (2018). Gate-dependent vacancy diffusion in graphene, Physical Review B 98, 075439