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Rejish Nath

Associate Professor


Quantum Optics, Atom Optics, Condensed Matter Physics


Rejish Nath obtained his PhD in the field of ultracold atoms, in particular on dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates, at Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany. He was at Max Planck Institute for complex systems at Dresden as a guest scientist for two years and then at the Institute of Quantum optics and quantum information at the University of Innsbruck, Austria before joining IISER Pune. 


Ultra cold atoms and dipolar quantum gases

Ultra-cold atoms are laser-cooled to temperatures of the order of micro or Nano Kelvins. In the last two decades, it emerged as an interdisciplinary field studying problems from different aspects of physics such as various phenomena in fluids, high energy physics, electromagnetism, nonlinear, atomic, quantum computation/information, quantum optics etc. In particular, dipolar gases emerged as a key system for many such studies. The dipole-dipole interactions can be either electric or magnetic, e.g. due to the spin of the valence electron in an atom (magnetic dipole), or induced electric dipole moment in highly excited Rydberg atoms or polar molecules. Recent experimental achievements of Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) of Chromium (2005 Stuttgart, 2007 Paris), Erbium (2012, Innsbruck) and Dysprosium (2011, Stanford) being the landmarks in this field. In addition, molecular BECs and ultracold Rydberg atoms have been realized in labs, which pave a route to highly dipolar systems. Dr. Rejish Nath's research explores various theoretical aspects, particularly the microscopic properties of different dipolar systems and the associated novel phenomena/applications within the current experimental feasibilities.

Selected Publications

Mishra, Chinmayee, Santos, Luis and Nath, Rejish (2020). Self-bound doubly dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates, Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 073402.

Basak, Sagarika, Chougale, Yashwant and Nath, Rejish (2018). Periodically driven array of single Rydberg atoms. Phys. Rev. lett. 120, 12304.

Edler, Daniel, Mishra, Chinmayee, Nath, Rejish, Sinha, Subhasis and Santos, Luis (2017). Quantum fluctuations in quasi 1D dipolar BECs. Phys. Rev. lett. 119, 050403.