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Experimental High Energy Physics


Sourabh Dube is an experimental particle physicist working on the CMS experiment at the LHC at CERN. He obtained his PhD in experimental particle physics in 2008 from Rutgers University working on the CDF experiment. He was a Chamberlain Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with the ATLAS group before joining IISER Pune in 2013.


Experimental particle physics

Particle physics is the study of the fundamental particles in our universe and their interactions. Our best understanding of these fundamental particles and interactions is encapsulated by the standard model of particle physics. Dr. Sourabh Dube works on searches for new phenomena not described by the standard model using the proton-proton collision data collected at the LHC by the CMS experiment.

The focus is on searches using leptons in the final state. Leptonic final states are rare at the LHC, and provide an insight into new phenomena that are also rate. Dr. Dube is interested in model-independent searches, as this allows us to make the least assumptions about the nature of beyond standard model theories.

Dr. Dube's recent interests include machine learning and its applications to particle physics in particular. Machine learning techniques that have been developed in different contexts, such as facial recognition, can be used to analyze images effectively. Certain particle physics problems can be recast such that we can take advantage of the unique advantages of various multivariate algorithms.

Selected Publications

The CMS Collaboration (2020). Search for physics beyond the standard model in multilepton final states in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV. Journal of High Energy Physics 03, 51.

The CMS Collaboration (2019). Search for vector-like leptons in multilepton final states in proton-proton collisions at √s= 13 TeV. Physical Review D 100, 052003.

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