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Sreejith G. J.

Associate Professor


Theoretical condensed matter physics - strongly correlated systems, quantum Hall effects, frustrated systems


Sreejith obtained his PhD in theoretical and computational study of fractional quantum Hall effects in 2012 from Penn State, USA. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (NORDITA, Sweden) from 2012 to 2014 and at the Max Planck Institute for Complex Systems (MPIPKS, Dresden, Germany) from 2014 to 2016 before joining IISER Pune in January 2017.


Condensed matter physics

Dr. Sreejit G.J. is a condensed matter theorist working on strongly correlated quantum many body systems and statistical mechanics focusing on questions in the contexts of fractional quantum Hall effect and simple spin systems. He mostly uses computational and semi-analytical approaches and is interested in design of algorithms to aid the study of interacting many body systems.

Selected Publications

Anand, A., Patil, R., Balram, A.C. and Sreejith, G.J. (2023). Real-space entanglement spectra of parton states in fractional quantum Hall systems. Physical Review B 106, 085136.

Nishad, N. and Sreejith, G.J. (2022). Energy transport in Z3 chiral clock model. New Journal of Physics, 24 013035.

Pu, S., Sreejith, G.J. and Jain, J.K. (2022). Anderson localization in fractional quantum Hall effect. Physical Review Letters 128, 116801.

Maiti, T., Agarwal, P., Purkait, S., Sreejith, G.J., Das, S., Biasiol, G., Sorba, L., Karmakar, B. (2020). Magnetic field dependent equilibration of fractional quantum Hall edge modes, Physical Review Letters 125, 076802.

Sreejith, G.J., Powell, S., and Nahum, A. (2019). Emergent SO(5) symmetry at the columnar ordering transition in the classical cubic dimer model, Physical Review Letters 122, 080601.

Sreejith, G.J., Fremling, M., Jeon, G. S., Jain, J.K. (2018). Search for exact local Hamiltonians for general fractional quantum Hall states, Physical Review B 98, 235139.

Pal, S., Nishad, N., Mahesh, T.S., Sreejith, G.J. (2018). Temporal order in periodically driven spins in star-shaped clusters, Physical Review Letters 120, 180602.