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DBT National Bioscience Award to Dr. Gayathri Pananghat

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Dr. Gayathri Pananghat, Associate Professor in Biology at IISER Pune, has won the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India’s S. Ramachandran National Bioscience Award for Career Development for the year 2021. 

Dr. Pananghat is among the ten awardees selected for this recognition. See here an announcement by the DBT.  The award comprises a cash prize, a citation & trophy, and a research contingency grant for three years.

Dr. Gayathri Pananghat

Dr. Pananghat studies how cell shape is determined and how cell motility works and explores the role of cytosketetal proteins in this context. Her group uses bacterial cells as model systems for these studies and employs structural biology, biochemical, and biophysical tools to understand protein structure and dynamics at the molecular level.  Visit Dr. Pananghat's research group website for more details. 

Our congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Gayathri Pananghat on this recognition!