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PMRF Fellowship to ten IISER Pune research scholars

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Ten research scholars from IISER Pune have been selected for the prestigious Prime Minister's Research Fellowship. The PMRF scheme is aimed at attracting the talent pool of the country to PhD programmes of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Institutes of Science Education & Research (IISERs), Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), and some of the top Central Universities and NITs.

Our congratulations to all the selected research scholars and our best wishes for their future endeavours!

IISER Pune research scholars selected for the PMRF Fellowship in the August 2023 cycle were:

Eishica Chand
Programme: Integrated PhD; PI: Dr. Arka Banerjee; Department: Physics; Research Area: Cosmology

Somnath Ghosh
Programme: PhD; PI: Dr. Boopathy Gnanaprakasam; Department: Chemistry; Research Area: Organic Synthesis

Sidharth Shankar Pathak
Programme: PhD; PI: Prof. Ramakrishna G. Bhat; Department: Chemistry; Research Area: Visible light induced Photoredox-catalysis

Kumar Gaurav
Programme: PhD; PI: Dr. Shabana Khan; Department: Chemistry; Research Area: Main Group, Organometallic Chemistry

Souvik Khan
Programme: PhD; PI: Dr. Moumita Majumdar; Department: Chemistry; Research Area: Main-Group Organometallic Chemistry

Augastus Camellus R.B.
Programme: PhD; PI: Prof. Nirmalya Ballav; Department: Chemistry; Research Area: Electrode Materials for Batteries, Materials Science  

Adhra S. Sury
Programme: PhD; PI: Dr. Pramod P. Pillai; Department: Chemistry; Research Area: Quantum Dot based photocatalysis

Mridul Biswas
Programme: PhD; PI: Dr. Debargha Banerjee; Department: Mathematics; Research Area: Number theory  

Katha Ganguly
Programme: PhD; PI: Dr. Bijay Kumar Agarwalla; Department: Physics; Research Area: Open quantum systems, Quantum transport and quantum thermodynamics

Shuvarati Roy
Programme: PhD; PI: Prof. Umakant Rapol; Department: Physics; Research Area: Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics