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Diplomate degree in the Indian College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DICLAM) 2023 to Dr N Krishnaveni Jayakumar
January 5, 2024

Dr N Krishnaveni Jayakumar received a Diplomate certification from the Indian College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ICLAM). The certificate was awarded to her during the 11th International Conference of Laboratory Animal Scientists’ Association (LASA), India, organised in Bengaluru on 6th- 8th November 2023 at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. 

The Diplomate certification is in collaboration with the International Association of Colleges of Laboratory Animal Medicine (IACLAM), which is a consortium of worldwide Colleges including ECLAM (European), ACLAM (American), JCLAM (Japanese) and KCLAM (Korean). The certification process involves rigorous training and assessment of skills in laboratory animal medicine and management. 

Dr. Krishnaveni Jayakumar (seventh from left) at the presentation of the Diplomate certificate. Members on the dias (from left to right): Dr. Kalidas Kohale (TIFR-Mumbai); Dr. Jennifer Lofgren (Global Head of Animal Welfare & Compliance, NIBR, USA); Dr. Tsutomu Miki Kurosawa (Science Educator & Vice President-Member Society Laboratory Animal Environment, and Past President-JCLAM, Japan); Dr. Patricia Hedenqvist (Associate Professor in Laboratory Animal Medicine-SUAS & President-IACLAM, Sweden); Dr. Angela King-Herbert (Head of DTT Comparative Medicine Group, NIEHS & President-ACLAM, USA); Dr. Yogita Pawar (BARC-Mumbai, Diplomate awardee of ICLAM); Dr. Krishnaveni Jayakumar (IISER Pune, Diplomate awardee of ICLAM); Dr. S.G. Ramachandra (IISc Bengaluru); Dr. Arvind Ingle (ACTREC-Navi Mumbai); Dr. R K Shakthi Devan (Syngene International Ltd-Bengaluru); and Dr. Rahul Thorat (ACTREC-Navi Mumbai). (Photo courtesy: Dr. Krishnaveni Jayakumar)

Dr Krishnaveni Jayakumar is a Senior Technical Officer and Veterinary Scientist at the National Facility for Gene Function in Health and Disease of IISER Pune. Prior to joining IISER Pune in 2020, she was working at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and has had experience in handling multiple animal model systems. Over the last 12 years, Dr Jayakumar has trained more than 300 students/project staff/technical staff from various domains in basic hands-on laboratory animal handling programmes across institutions. She is among the first awardees from India to receive the Diplomate certification of ICLAM. 

Congratulations to Dr. Jayakumar on this professional accomplishment!!