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STEM education workshops with University of Glasgow

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A joint workshop series aimed towards developing a course on STEM Education by School of Education, University of Glasgow and IISER Pune has been initiated on February 3, 2022.

The workshops are a part of the Going Global Exploratory Grant by the British Council awarded to Dr. Gabriella Rodolico (Department of Education, UoG) and Dr. Aparna Deshpande (Department of Physics, Faculty-in-Charge Science Activity Centre IISER Pune) to develop the 'STEM Challenge Project' into a full course for pre-service teachers.

Screenshot of online meeting with workshop participants
As part of the 'STEM Challenge Project', pilot workshops are being attended by 21 pre-service teachers each from India and Scotland. Based on the results of these workshops, a course for training of teachers will be co-developed by University of Glasgow's School of Education and IISER Pune. 

This challenge involves hands-on active learning digital pedagogies to deliver fundamentals of renewable energy towards sustainable housing. It was co-delivered in an online mode, to foster internationalisation and inclusivity in school education.

The teams will explore ways to embed the course into ongoing pre-service teacher courses in both countries to ensure sustainability and scale-up impact.

The planned course aims to integrate learnings from the 'STEM Challenge Project', and the role of language and gender towards developing a holistic approach to STEM teacher education.  

Through this project aimed at school teachers from Scotland and India, the University of Glasgow's School of Education and IISER Pune have strengthened their joint commitment to the development of school teachers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).