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Postdoctoral Research 

IISER Pune Postdoctoral Research Associate

Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) positions at IISER Pune are open to candidates with 0-5 years of experience after submission of their PhD thesis. Candidates should provide evidence of having carried out high quality research. PDRAs may either work independently or may be associated with a specific group depending upon their research interests and infrastructural support/supervision required to carry out research. Click here to see details of research pursued at IISER Pune.

Appointments funded by IISER Pune will be made for two years at a time with a maximum tenure of three years. Candidates who are short-listed based on the quality of their CV and research proposal would be interviewed, either in person or by video link, before the final selection is made.

IISER Pune also invites PDRAs via the SERB NPDF program. To apply for NPDF,  the candidate should contact a faculty member [who should agree to act as their mentor] with recent CV and research proposal. The endorsement certificate required at the time of submitting the NPDF application at the SERB portal will be issued by IISER Pune based on a scrutiny of the CV and research proposal of the candidate. Please note that the last date for submission of NPDF application on SERB portal varies from year to year. It is therefore advised that the candidate contact the mentor well in advance (a month or so before the last date) so as to complete the formalities for endorsement letter well within time. Visit their website for details about the SERB-National Post Doctoral Fellowship (N-PDF).

To Apply

Positions are open all year round. PDRAs in Mathematics will be expected to teach one course each semester. Candidates should send their application to: math.postdocapplications@iiserpune.ac.in.

Candidates should send their application to physics.pdf@iiserpune.ac.inPlease see this page for currently available positions.

Candidates should send their application to bio_app@iiserpune.ac.inPlease see this page for currently available positions.

Other Departments:
Candidates in Chemistry, Data Science, Earth and Climate Science, and Humanities and Social Sciences should send their application to postdocapplications@iiserpune.ac.in mentioning the department that they wish to be considered in.  Please see this page for currently available positions.