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Earth and Climate Science

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Rahul Dehiya

Assistant Professor

Earth and Climate Science

Forward and Inverse Modelling of Geophysical data

Rahul Dehiya obtained his PhD in Geophysics in 2017 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. He gained five years of industrial experience as a seismic data processing geophysicist. He was a Senior Geophysicist at CGG (formerly CGG Veritas), Mumbai before moving into research and development in 2012.


Numerical Modelling of Geophysical Data, Inversion of Electromagnetic Data, Full Waveform Inversion of Seismic Data

Research interests of Rahul Dehiya include forward and inverse modeling of geophysical data with emphasis on electromagnetic/seismic methods and their application in subsurface imaging. Efficient and accurate forward modeling is essential for a robust and versatile interpretation workflow. The development of a multiresolution forward modeling algorithm is currently being perused to simulate the response of complex geological models such as topography, cased-well. For optimum model discretization, an algorithm based on a non-orthogonal grid is being developed for more accurately and efficiently modeling. A radiating boundary scheme has been developed for controlled-source electromagnetic data that speed up the computation by an order. In the past, Rahul Dehiya has developed an inversion algorithm employing a data compression technique to improve the computation efficiency and reduction in footprint of noise on the inverted model. These algorithms envisioned to deliver a more efficient and robust interpretation workflow for electromagnetic and seismic data analysis in the field of exploration geophysics.

Selected Publications

Dehiya, R. (2021). 3D modeling of electromagnetic gradiometer data-A numerical study on tunnel detection. Geophysics, 86(3), 1-58.

Dehiya, R. (2021). 3D forward modeling of controlled-source electromagnetic data based on the radiation boundary method. Geophysics, 86(2), E143-E155.

Singh, A., Dehiya, R., Gupta, P. K., & Israil, M. (2017). A MATLAB based 3D modeling and inversion code for MT data. Computers & Geosciences, 104, 1-11.

Dehiya, R., Singh, A., Gupta, P. K., & Israil, M. (2017). 3-D CSEM data inversion algorithm based on simultaneously active multiple transmitters concept. Geophysical Journal International, 209(2), 1004-1017.