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DBT-Wellcome Trust India Alliance Fellowships to two IISER Pune members

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Dr. Mridula Nambiar and Dr. Gayathri Pananghat, from the Biology department, have been awarded DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance Intermediate and Senior Fellowships, respectively, for the June 2023 round, in the category of Basic Biomedical Research. In this round of selection, a total of five Intermediate Fellowships and three Senior fellowships have been announced by DBT-Wellcome Trust India Alliance.

Dr. Mridula Nambiar  Dr. Gayathri Pananghat

DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance is an initiative funded equally by The Wellcome Trust, UK and the Department of Biotechnology, India. The fellowships awarded are for a period of five years and include research funding and personnel support for the awardee.

The Senior Fellowship awardee, Dr. Gayathri Pananghat works on cytoskeletal assemblies of protein molecules that are important in cell functions such as cell shape determination and motility. Dr. Mridula Nambiar, who has been selected for the Intermediate Fellowship, works on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying errors in chromosomal segregation during cell division. Learn more about their work here and here

Our congratulations to Dr. Nambiar and Dr. Pananghat on their selection for the fellowship and our best wishes for the research that these fellowships will enable!